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    Bringing Birth Psychology Into The World: An Interview With APPPAH President, Sandra Bardsley

    Find more inspirational quotes and graphics on Kindred’s Pinterest page. About the Interview Sandra Bardsley, president of the venerable Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, shares insights and overviews of APPPAH’s 30 year history and their groundbreaking outreach programs for parents and professionals. In the past three decades, multiple fields of science have […]

  • Kindred New Mother Blessing

    A New Mother Blessing

     Photo Shutterstock/Halfpoint   A New Mother Blessing By Gina Hassan, PhD   What I wish for you is to be accepting of not knowing, And to be ok with figuring it out.   To know that the only way is this way, And that the fog can be a magnificent teacher. Learn to accept its […]

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    How Dementia Helps Us Understand Our Common Humanity

    Artwork by Lightspring In November, my team will host a public lecture entitled ‘How dementia helps us to understand our common humanity’.  The speaker, Dr Maggie Ellis,  a specialist in dementia care, chose that title because she wanted to bring hope to a topic that is inherently scary. Dementia is frightening because any of us could face it. We […]

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    Core Concepts Of Birth Psychology With Marti Glenn, PhD, and Kate White

    SUBSCRIBE TO KINDRED’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO GET ALERTS OF KINDRED’S FORTHCOMING VIDEOS, INCLUDING KATE’S INTERVIEWS WITH MARTI GLENN. I spent yesterday making a film with Dr. Marti Glenn, founder of the former Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and current co-director of theSTAR foundation.  We were making a short film on the core body of knowledge for […]

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    Save Our Bees with Moby

    Join Moby, the award-winning musician, DJ and activist, as he takes us on a tour of his four-acre property atop the Hollywood Hills to share his special connection with the 30,000 bees that call it home. We have bees to thank for one out of three bites of food we eat, but they’re dying and […]


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