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    Birth Hormones: The Agony And Ecstasy

    An Excerpt From Natural Pregnancy When our ancestors lived in villages, many women would have been at births, or at least have been familiar with the process. As the birth world became more medicalized and less familial (and less familiar), for many women the only exposure to childbirth are those portrayed by the media which […]

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    Drug Firms Have Used Dangerous Tactics to Drive Sales to Treat Kids

    There is big money to be made in prescribing medications to kids – especially when those medications are intended to be taken for life, as many psychotropic drugs are. These drugs, which include stimulants, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers, carry the risk of serious side effects, including, ironically, psychotic symptoms (like hearing voices or paranoia), aggressive behavior, hostility, seizures, […]

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    Why Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Is Right And Slate Magazine Is Out To Lunch

    Several months ago I received a call on my cell from a number I didn’t recognize. Usually I let such calls go to voice mail but for some reason I picked it up. A friendly raspy voice alleging to be Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. requested to speak to me. At first I thought it was […]

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    How Our Fear Of Perverts Is Damaging More Children Than The Perverts Themselves

    How’s that for a title? ‘Our fear of perverts is damaging children more than the perverts themselves’. The word ‘perverts’ is one I rarely use. But since it jumped out of the front page of the Metro this week, I thought, ‘Okay, if that’s what gets people to read articles, then I’m willing to try […]

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    Flu Shot During Pregnancy?

      A Reader Asks Dr. Feder: I’m 3 months pregnant and my doctor is encouraging me to get the flu shot. Is this safe for the baby?Although we have all suffered from influenza (flu) one time or another, many people don’t realize that the flu can be a severe illness. The flu is a contagious disease caused […]

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