Robin Grille

Robin Grille

Dear Kindred Readers,

Here are some things outside the dry bio you should know about me…

Normally, when in dialogue with the public I introduce myself as a psychologist, parent-educator and author of two parenting books. That’s the ‘business-card’ approach – and it sounds very adult. 

Now for the real story: I started life as a child, a baby in fact. Deeper: I started life in my Mum’s womb (at the latest). That’s more relevant than most people realize; because to some extent that is still who I am, why I do what I do and say what I say. I have so many joyous memories of early life, and these nourish and sustain me. However, like many of us today acknowledge, though my family loved me they also f*@#&d me up. There was death, there was migration, there was shattering conflict and upheaval. Wounded people trying to live together in a violent world. Fast forward: I spent many years deep in therapy, primarily group therapy, with a smattering of yoga, meditation and bioenergetics, and these continue to be a commitment and passion.

I believe in our collective humanity, our ability to commune, heal and re-create. My work as a psychologist, a father, a writer and speaker springs from and reflects this commitment.

While the Parenting for a Peaceful World book is used as curriculum by many organizations and parenting education programs, I also continue to write articles for parents and for people who work with children.  Many have been translated and republished around the world and are easily found on the net. And two books (so far): Parenting for a Peaceful World and Heart to Heart Parenting. If you are curious about my work, or how to engage me to speak at your organization’s conference, you can find me on Kindred or my websites here and here.

I enjoyed meeting my American readers on the Parenting for a Peaceful World Tour in 2013: drumming in Charlottesville, VA; presenting bi-lingual workshops in Los Angeles; celebrating at the Museum of Motherhood in New York City; and spending an intimate weekend in a 300 year old church in the revolutionary village of Yorktown, VA.  You can follow the videos created on the Parenting for a Peaceful World USA Tour on Kindred’s New Story Video Series here.

In Peace,

Robin Grille

Parenting for a Peaceful World

Heart to Heart Parenting 

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