The Wisdom Keepers Project



About the Above Painting, Passage of the Wisdom Keeper

 Passage of the Wisdom Keeper, 20 x 40, Oil on Panel, by Paul Bond, is used with the artist’s permission.  According to the artist, “This painting is about knowledge versus wisdom, and also how the wisdom we gain in our lives is one of the few possessions we carry with us to the end. Perhaps the thing of most value that we pass onto future generations. The bird pulling the apple tree always carries its source of shelter and food. Such is wisdom. Once gained it is never lost. The apple tree traditionally symbolizes knowledge, but the strenuous passage across the sea represents the journey of experience through which that knowledge transforms into wisdom.”

About FCL’s Wisdom Keepers Project

 FCL created the Wisdom Keepers Project to find creative ways to support of the well-loved and recognized pioneers of the conscious living movement. These Wisdom Keepers have contributed seminal works and shared a lifetime of vision and energy to guide conscientious adults through our parenting and well family building portion of our lives. It is with great gratitude and pride that we honor and support their ongoing work through this nonprofit project.

You are welcome to contribute tax-deductible donations to this special, ongoing project, as well as suggest nominations,

Kindred’s Wisdom Keepers

Joseph Chilton Pearce  2013

Suzanne Arms  2012

Uncle Bob Randall  2011